Matt Bottrills 3 Week Training Plan

19 April 2020

Giant News

We've asked Giant Ambassador and Time Trial legend, Matt Bottrill to share a 3 week structured training plan for you to do to improve your fitness.

The plan can be done either outside or on a turbo trainer, but we'd suggest doing this indoors so you can really nail each session.

You'll see two different plans below; one is a Base Builder plan and is designed for those who are fairly new to cycling and the other is a Race Ready plan which is aimed at those who already have a good level of cycling fitness and looking for extra gains. Which ever you choose, both should offer a challenge and give you something to focus on. Providing you follow the plan and complete all sessions, you should see some visable benefits after the three week period.

Base Builder - Week 1

Race Ready - Week 1

Base Builder - Week 2

Race Ready - Week 2

Base Builder - Week 3

Race Ready - Week 3

If you’d like to learn more about the cycling coaching and triathlon coaching packages that we have available at Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching then visit our website, get in touch and a member of our team would be more than happy to help.